Monday, October 22, 2012

Geek-a-Thon - Monday

My friend America Young emailed me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to be part of this Geek-a-Thon that was happening on Sunday Oct 21st thru Tuesday Oct 23rd. I of course say yes, it sounded like a blast.

Here are the details of why they are doing this.. America and her producing partner April Wade are making a movie called The Concessionaires Must Die. They are crowd source funding this with Indiegogo. To kick off the fundraiser they planned on doing this geek-a-thon (live-a-thon as it came to be known). See America is a full fledged Geek.. April on the other hand is not.. she's never read a comic, watched any Sci fi or Fantasy movies/TV. And worst of all she's never seen Star Wars. So her friend America is exposing her watch 60 hours of geeky things. We are not trying to convert her we are just trying to show her the various things in the geek culture.  

You can check out the schedule of events HERE I watched a bit here and there on Sunday, to see what it was going to be like and it was very addictive. I was asked to join them on Monday at 11am for the viewing of Firefly. I was honored to be asked to introduce April to Firefly as it's one of my favorites.  I arrived early around 10am and they were still watching Star Trek Insurrection (another favorite of mine). I got to meet April for the first time as well as Dean who was introducing Star Trek to April... both were awesome. Dean had never seen Firefly so he stuck around and watch it with us. Also an unexpected guest arrived Jason Charles Miller joined us.

Even more people arrived as we were watching Firefly; Eric and Juan who were here to teach April Magic the Gathering which was happening after Firefly. Then Tennyson who was here to teach April Table Top RPG which was happening later in the day and Greta who was here simply for support (and to bring yummy in and out). John also came back as well, he was here yesterday for Star Wars. It was a full house as we continued (slowly) through the schedule. Various others came and went throughout the day.

After Firefly April and America played a game of Magic The Gathering before our game of Muggle Quidditch. We couldn't play a game (as planned) as we didn't have any equipment so instead I explained the game to everyone and showed picture of previous tournaments. It was fun to see every one's reaction realizing that this is an legitimate sport and growing.

After that it was time for BattleStar Galactica (new version). We watched a few episodes and of everything that April had watched so far she enjoyed this the most.

We then moved on to a Table Top RPG that Tennyson created himself called SkyChasers (you can read more HERE) It took us about two hours to create our characters but that's just the nature of this geek-a-thon.. it was a very slow process. I enjoyed this RPG so much that I pushed us to at least play a little bit with our characters, which was did and it was a blast (I think April hated this the most). I can't wait until this game is out there for all to play.

After that we called it a night, slowly the crowd of people started leaving. I debated on staying the night as I really thought about coming back tomorrow. But in the end I knew I needed some sleep so I drove home.

I don't think I mentioned this but the live viewing audience was fantastic. After a while you forget that you are on camera and that the viewers can see and hear everything you do. By the time day two ended they were already at 50% of their goal.

You can still donate and help get this movie funded. and read up more about this movie here.


  1. Great Summation Kenny! It was indeed a pretty amazing event and very addictive! You were great in it! Although I think the Tabletop RPG thing might have been mostly that she was exhausted and it was pretty slow going then really disliking it

  2. perfect round up, Kenny! :)
    I can't believe I missed all the best things because I had to do lame stuff like sleep and work on monday ;)