Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lunch with Friends & Magic

Jes and I debated on what to do today, she was willing to help me paint more but I didn't want her visit to be nothing but painting and to be honest I needed a break so instead we decided to get a group together and have lunch. I couldn't keep Jes all to myself for the weekend. I know The Geek Mob loves Jes just as much so we decided to make sure everyone who was able to, got to hang with her.

We set up a time of 1pm and were to meet at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. We weren't sure where we would be having lunch, there were several options to choose from. When Jes and I got there around 12:30. Rupert, Dallas and Brett were already there sitting at a table. We joined them and about fifteen minutes later Robert showed up.

We were still waiting for Luis and Anthony but I had gotten messages from both that they were running late, so we opted to grab some lunch and have them join us when they arrived. We decided to have lunch at Fuddruckers since it's easier to order individually and we had so many people. We found some tables in the back and bunched them together.

We ordered our food and waited. Everyone was having a good time chatting and making fun of the people announcing the names for this orders as you couldn't understand them half the time. We all finally got our orders and started to eat when Luis arrived. He ordered and joined us. Then Anthony and his girlfriend Lauryn showed up and ordered as well.

We sat and chatted for a few hours, at 3pm we had to say our goodbyes as I had to get Jes back to my place as she wanted to head out by 4pm so she could get home by 10pm. That's what we did. Said goodbye to Jes and tried to motivate myself to go back outside and finish painting the back of the house... but that's didn't happen.. instead I played around with my "" website. It's half done and I would love to finish it but I'm not that great at word press and after a few hours I was just frustrated and gave up on it (for now). It was close to eight and this was Sunday and I had a bro date with my buddy Chris to watch Once Upon A Time.

Once again Once Upon A Time was fantastic. I'm loving where season two is going, I'm excited about the new "bad" guys and how the old "bad" guys are kind of trying to "be good". Not that I think it will last. Tonight's episode was about Rupel and any Rupel story is a good story.. he's one of the most interesting and complicated characters. And as always it was fun watching it with my best friend a 1000 mile apart.

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