Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Geek-a-Thon - Tuesday

Didn't get to bed until about 3am.. it was a long 16 hour day yesterday at the Geek-a-thon but I couldn't wait to get back over there for the final day. I woke up around 11am, got ready and left my place around noon. I wanted to get there in time for the viewing of Doctor Who. Lucky for me, as usual they started late and were running long. And my buddy Steve was in the chat room asking questions to delay them from starting the episode. I actually got there just as they were finishing up the background on Doctor Who.

I got there and a few of the guys from the Anime section were leaving.. Doctor Who was next with Gabe (who was the Who expert). Also joining the group was John who had been there Sunday and Monday. He had never seen Who either. So we started with Blink and April seemed to like it. It's tough to tell as she's interacting with the internet chat room alot and the audio is turned down. I'm not really sure she's getting the full effect of these shows.. but she seems to be retaining information as we would quiz her on previous stuff and she knew most of the answers.

More and more people arrived as we switched over to Girl in the Fireplace, one of my personal favorites. What was a great side effect is that John really enjoyed Who and is no planning on going back and watching from the beginning (reboot)... so that's awesome.

April's mom stopped by with some lunch (pulled pork sandwiches) which were the best.

Our final movie was Willow (one of my all time favorite fantasies), this was voted on by donors who gave $25 or more. They could choose from (Original) Planet of the Apes, Willow, The Last Starfighter, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Star Trek - Wrath of Khan or Galaxy Quest. All good movies but I'm happy they choose Willow. I figured April would hate this but she actually was enjoying it.

A surprise guest arrived as we started Willow, TV's David Blue (as we liked to introduce him as), he's a very cool TV star, most notable know for playing Eli on Stargate Universe. I got to meet him when he did one of the Guild Xmas commercial specials a few years ago. I didn't get to talk to him much when he was on set of The Guild so it was nice to be able to chat a little bit with him here. We talked about Star Wars, Willow and various other geeky things. He just got an Ipad but didn't bring it so he was checking out mine. I was logged into the chat room and watching the feed, he asked if I minded it he chatted with folks.. I said.. OMG.. the guys in the chat room would love that. So under my user name he chatted with the gang and they seemed to really enjoy it. I had several people comment about my comments and say, wow.. that was funny or yeah you're right. But I hadn't a clue what they were talking about as it wasn't me.. it was David :)

More people arrived as the Geek-a-thon was in it's last hours... During the last hour Brad Wyman, who works at Indiegogo stopped by and was a ball of energy. Willow was still playing but know one was really paying attention, we were now focusing on getting the donation numbers up before we went off the air. The last hour was on big whirlwind, we auctioned off a few things, Dove did some magic was had jugglers.. it was pretty crazy and when it was over donations were at $6550. That is more then 65% of their goal which is unheard of getting that much money in only 60 hours.

So the Geek-a-Thon was a success as it did raise quite a bit of money for their movie... but did April find any geeky thing that she enjoyed? Yes, out of all the things she watched/played she enjoyed Magic The Gathering card game, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who and maybe Firefly. I think if she goes back and watches these again without the distraction of the tele-a-thon I think she can really enjoy some of them.

All in all it was a great experience. I got to meet some fantastic new friends both online and at the geek-a-thon. I got to participate in something that has never been done before and it was a huge success. I spent a total of 16 hours on Monday and 8 hours on Tuesday for a total of 24 hours of this 60 hour marathon.. not bad for someone who was only schedule for 3 hours on Tuesday :)

Thanks to everyone you watched, donated and encouraged us.. I had a totally geeky blast.

You can still donate and help get this movie funded. http://www.indiegogo.com/geekify and read up more about this movie here. http://themakingofcmd.blogspot.com/

You can check out more pictures HERE

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