Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gaming, Podcasting and Helping a Friend

So I got up this morning and was on a high from yesterday's game play that I immediately jumped on LOTRO with Chris to play some more. I had planned to only play for a few hours as I had several podcasts that needed to be edited. So I told Chris I was only going to play until noon, well noon came and I told him.. let's play another hour and then another hour and so on. Well needless to say I didn't edit any of my podcasts and finally pulled myself away around 5pm as I needed to go to my friends Jes and Dallas' new place to help them move in.

So what I was hoping wouldn't happened finally did. I knew if i started an MMO that I would become addicted and though I can control the urge to play most of the time (like not staying up all night playing and being tired at work the next day) This was the first time that I allowed my love of the MMO to get in the way of my podcasting life. I know it's going to happen from time to time but I really need to make sure it doesn't become the majority.

After saying goodbye to Chris and LOTRO I headed to North Hollywood where my friend Jes had already arrived from San Fransisco area and folks were already unloading the truck. Friends Aaron, Rupert, Nicki, Anne, Robert and Brett were there, also Jes' friend Rachel and of course Jes and Dallas. I quickly parked and jumped in.  The truck was unloaded in about an hour. The tough part was that they lived at the very back of the apartment complex and on the third floor which meant we had to climb two set's of stairs to get there. It was a lot of work carrying the heavier stuff like the couches up there but for the most part it went fairly smoothly. Afterwards Rupert, Nicki, Anne and Aaron went to the Hammer Improv show, Rachel stayed with the apartment and Jes, Robert, Brett and I drove the Uhaul over to Dallas' old place to pick up some of his things. The big item is the refrigerator and the fact that they don't have a dolly for it. So we moved what little Dallas had and then saved the fridge for the end. With four guys it actually wasn't that bad. It also had wheels so for the majority of the time to get it to the truck was rolled it. Getting on the truck wasn't so bad as well as getting off the truck. The fun part was taking it up the two flights of stairs. But honestly in the end it sounded alot harder then it actually was. As I  mentioned with Robert, Dallas, Brett and I it wasn't so bad carrying it up the stairs. But with that said I was so happy when we were completely done and could just chill. Oh I forgot to mention during the moving a little friend came out to watch. -->

Afterwards Jen showed up (yeah good timing). She, Brett, Robert and I went out to the store to get some beer and pick up some Carl's Jr. We were all so hungry and the food was so yummy. Well not for Brett who was kind of sick :(. We hung out at their new place to about 11:30 before calling it a night and heading home.

You know you have a great group of friends when six or seven of them come out to help you move on a Saturday evening. It was alot of fun and I'm so happy that Jes is now down here in the LA with us.

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