Sunday, January 13, 2013

Podcasts and More Podcasts

Today I was hoping to be more productive then I actually was. I was recording six episodes of my MASH 4077 podcast today with my buddies/co-hosts Al and Meds. That wasn't going to happen until Noon. I had gotten up around 8am so I had a few hours to kill and my plan was to edit my next MASH podcast, which is due to be released in a few days.  Well as I said that was my plan.. instead I watched TV. Now to be fair I do have a large amount of shows recorded on my DVR so that does need to be done at some point but I was really hoping to work on my podcasts.

So noon came and for the next two hours we recorded six new episodes of MASH 4077 podcast (for Feb, March and April). We had some fun conversations I think these one will be very entertaining.  Afterwards I made some lunch and once again went back to watching TV. I chatted with friends online here and there and I really procrastinated for a few hours. I finally go started on edited the next MASH podcast and sure enough I ran into avid audio problems over and over again. So what should have taken me three hours to edit I spent seven hours editing. I did take a break at 8:30 to watch the new episode of Once Upon a Time with my bestie Chris (it's our thing).

But when that was over I went back to editing and finally finished around 11pm. So episode 46 of MASH is prepped and ready to be released on Jan. 15th. Now time for bed!! Gotta go to work tomorrow.

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