Monday, January 14, 2013

Moving on Up!!

Today I start my second week on this new job. I've been working on the post production schedule all last week and guess what I'm starting my Monday with.. yep the same post schedule. One good thing that happened today... we were suppose to have eight editors but after I got done with the schedule I realized that we only really need seven so that freed up one of our edit bays to be an office and of course I snapped it up.

Up to now I've been in the "bullpen" area with the story people, who are great but it's really out in the open and there is a lot a traffic going back and forth. Also when my post coordinator starts in a few months that place will be packed. So I moved my future post coordinator and I into this new office.

I got it all set up and was in it for about four hours when the executive producer came in and said "I need an office here, find me one". Well there are no offices left, they are all edit bays as I mentioned and this one just opened up. But if the EP wants an office the EP gets an office so I offered her up my new office.. I'm waiting to hear back from her.

After work I was jonesing for some Lord of the Rings Online and hang time with my bestie Chris. Soon as I got home and fired up the machine. I quickly ate dinner and then jumped on with Chris. We quested for about two hours and had a blast. Chris had to head to work so I finished by going back to my Hobbit hole and unloading all my loot that I gathered during these quests.

Chris purchased a VIP membership to LOTRO last week. I've been debating on doing it and tonight I saw an ad saying I could get a 12 month membership for only $99.99. It's normally $14.99 a month and since I'm loving it so much and don't see myself stopping anytime soon I went ahead and purchased the membership for the entire year. With this membership comes lots of perks and I can't wait to explore all the perks in the coming weeks.

I know I joke about being addicted to this game... but I'm really not. When I play I only play for a few hours and I don't sacrifice sleep to play. I may put off podcasting or watching TV to play but that's different. Do I wish I could play more.. OH HECK YEAH!!! But I know I have limited time. I'll just enjoy the time I am able to play and when I have more time.. then I'll play more.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good start to the year, Kenny! :)

  2. Everyone needs something relaxing and fun to unwind - seems like you found yours!

  3. Some people ride bikes,some people ski, some people game... That's what WE do. If it brings you joy(like hanging with your bestie) then I say go for it! Small price to pay for something (and someone) you love. :) JL