Friday, January 18, 2013

IMDB, Wondercon and LOTRO

Today I got my professional invite for Wondercon this year. Since I proved I was a professional last year and then again this year for SDCC (which are ran by the same people) I figured I was good to go. But when I checked I had to verify once again that I'm a professional. So I went to my IMDB page to print it out and realized that it hasn't been updated and there there are still some missing shows/episodes that I worked on for various things. Gonna have to do a major update on it soon. 

So I filled out my application, scanned the IMDB pages and PGA card and emailed them to the Con to be approved once again. I hope this is the last time (at least for 3 years) that I have to do this.

It was another busy week at work so when I got home I jumped on LOTRO and played for a bit to unwind. I started putting stuff that I have found, made and mined up on the auction block and I've been making some nice gold from it. It's become kind of an obsession of mine. I'll spend an hour or two just roaming around finding things, mining gold, tin, copper, iron and silver.  But today I was playing with my buddy Chris (as usual) and he roped us into joining a temporary fellowship to do an instance (a raid) that needed five or more people. This would be the first time that I'd be working with a group for a common goal. I have to say it was one of the best experiences I'd had playing this game. I can understand why folks love raiding. My little Hobbit is the muscle and would run in before everyone else and draw all the fire/attacks, then the fellowship would swoop in and pick them off. We played for about four hours, the time just flew by and before I knew it was past midnight. Luckily it was a Friday and I didn't have to be up for work in the morning.

It was a perfect way to end my crazy week. I can't wait until Chris and I can build our own Fellowship and do some instances with them.

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