Friday, May 24, 2013

Awards, Crazy Kids & Weeds

Did my morning routine.. woke up, jumped online and looked for work... nothing. Had some breakfast then back online for an hour or so.

I worked on my Geekie Awards entries for about an hour, I'm about 2/3d's of the way through them. I should be able to finish with a few more hours of work.. just not today.

Realized that I hadn't gone grocery shopping in over a month, so I headed into town. Before shopping I stopped by McDonald's for some lunch. I hardly ever eat McDonald's because the majority of the food doesn't agree with my stomach but I can eat their chicken nuggets & fries and they have some very tasty buffalo sauce that can dip them in. Anyways when I was there eating there were two women with about seven kids between them.. the oldest looked to be about 10.  Well these kids were running around, screaming, pulling out napkins and tossing them around, playing with the soda machine and just being crazy. The two moms were just sitting there chatting away not paying attention to their destructive kids. Well after fifteen minutes one of the employees finally asked one of the kids to stop throwing things. The look on one of the mothers face, you would have thought that this employee slapped her child. She said something in Spanish and the kid went over to her. A minute later they were running around screaming again.. it was one of the worst lunch experiences I have had in a long time. I couldn't wait to finish my food and leave. I tweeted this when it happened but I think people need to take a test before becoming parents. I know kids can be tough but parents need to take control and responsibility for their children's actions.. especially in public places.

After my crazy lunch I went shopping and picked up enough food to last me a few weeks.

Got home and decided to go out to the yard and pull some weeds. Yeah it's that time of year again with the rains/snow come the weeds. And with 2 1/2 arches there can be a ton of them if I don't keep up on them. Worked outside for a few hours before calling it an night and heading inside to spend the remaining hours relaxing and watching some TV.

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