Saturday, May 25, 2013

Celebrating a Birthday

Today I spent the majority of the day at Magic Mountain to celebrate my friend Courtney's birthday. Got there around 10am and my buddy Aaron was already there but the rest of our friends, including Courtney were not getting in until later so he and I started to ride some roller coasters. The rest of the gang arrived and hour later, Courtney, Jessica and three of their friends (Shannon, Joe and Cheyenne).

It sill took another two hours to hook up with them as Aaron and I would be on a ride and then they would go on a ride and we would eat and then they would eat.. we finally hooked up and started to ride roller coasters together. It was a fun day, at first I thought it was going to super busy as it was a Saturday on Memorial Day weekend and the crowds were there but come to find out that Hurricane Harbor was opening today which is right next to Six Flags and I'm happy to say that the majority of the crowds went there. I think the longest line we had was just under an hour.

Another fun day at Magic Mountain.. Happy Birthday Courtney!!

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