Sunday, May 26, 2013

Star Trek, Buffy & Chocolate Wine

My buddy Aaron crashed at my place last night after our day at Magic Mountain. So today we got up, had some breakfast and then started to watch a Star Trek special on The History Channel. We only watched an hour of the 2 hour special.. it was all about the new rebooted Star Trek. Around 11am Aaron went into town to get a haircut and I was going to join him around noon to grab some lunch and then go to the movies.

So I meet up with him at Baja Fresh and we grabbed some lunch... next door to Baja is the theater and we wanted to see Star Trek Into Darkness. This would be my second time and I was super excited to see it again. Afterwards I came to the conclusion that this movie is my favorite of the new Star Trek. I laughed, cried and was on the edge of my seat the entire time.. even though I had already seen it. I love Cumberbatch, he's such an amazing actor. I love everything about this movie and I can't wait to see it again.. but next time it will be in IMAX 3D.

After the movie I headed to my buddy Robert's house for an unscheduled Buffy and Bros night. While we watched I got to try some Chocolate Wine.. I never heard of such a thing but it was extremely tasty.

First episode of the night was S6 Ep 15 "As You Were" Riley returns to town with his new wife Sam. He enlists Buffy's help in tracking down a demon black market dealer known as "The Doctor". It turns out that "The Doctor" is actually Spike. Riley finds out about Buffy and Spike's affair. Buffy ends things with Spike.

I like this episode, it was a nice resolution to the whole Riley thing. And Buffy finally breaks things off with Spike (after Riley finds them together). 

Next was S6 Ep 16 "Hell's Bells" Xander and Anya's wedding day finally arrives, but a surprise visitor makes Xander have second thoughts.

A fun episode, you feel bad for Anya and Xander is just a jerk. I have never been a big fan of Xander and this episode didn't do him any favors. 

Then it was time for S6 Ep 17 "Normal Again" The Trio unleash a demon whose powers make Buffy believe that she is in a mental institution and that Sunnydale—and all her friends and adventures—have just been figments of her imagination. Eventually Buffy attacks her friends, locks them in her basement, and unleashes the same demon on them. Tara eventually finds them and Buffy recovers from the demon's poison by drinking the antidote.

Love this episode.. one of the coolest stories of the season. At the end it really makes you think, is this world that we know all in Buffy's head.. is Buffy really in a asylum... good stuff.

Next up was S6 Ep 18 "Entropy" Anya seeks vengeance on Xander and finds comfort with Spike. Willow and Tara arrange a date.

Another good episode, Anya is back and she's pissed. I liked how she is trying to get all of Xander's friends to wish him ill will so she can curse him. I also liked seeing Willow and Tara getting back together. 

And finally one I was really looking forward to S6 Ep 19 "Seeing Red" Tara and Willow cuddle in bed after their reconciliation. Meanwhile, The Trio steal the Orbs of Nezzla'Khan, which grant their owner strength and invulnerability.
Buffy has to stop Spike from raping her; horrified by his own actions, Spike leaves Sunnydale. Buffy confronts The Trio in mid-robbery, and renders Warren powerless by smashing his orbs. Warren escapes, leaving Andrew and Jonathan behind to face the police.

Warren returns the next day with a gun. He shoots Buffy, and a stray bullet into the upstairs window kills Tara. Xander frantically tries to stop Buffy's bleeding while Tara lies dead in Willow's arms. Willow's face is contorted by pain and shock, blood splattered all over her, eyes glowing deep red.

This is the episode I have been waiting for.. I mean the first 40 minutes is good, nothing to special but the last few minutes is so EPIC. I remember watching this for the first time and just being stunned. Of course back then I had to wait a week for the next episode.. nowadays you just select the next episode on Netflix. I love that Robert had the same reaction I had 10 years ago when I first saw this. It's such a jaw dropping, OMG, moment.

And our final episode of the evening S6 Ep 20 "Villains" In the aftermath of the vengeful Warren's assassination attempt, Buffy tries to recover from a severe gunshot wound, while Tara is also hit and dies. Willow, consumed by wrath and rage over Tara's murder, consumes herself with deadly black magic from the Magic Box which physically transforms her into a dark being. "Dark Willow" then magically heals Buffy, and then goes out seeking to kill the murderous Warren. Jonathan and Andrew share a jail cell while they debate their next move. Warren, aware that Willow is after him, seeks allies at a demon bar and approaches junkie warlock Rack for help, while Buffy, Xander, and Dawn grieve after they learn of Tara's death as well as finding out that Anya has returned to being a Vengeance demon. Spike travels to a remote African village where he asks a mysterious cave dwelling demon to make him his former self.

Like the previous episode this is a continuation of the last 10 minutes of the previous episode. Dark Willow is awesome..  she plays a really good big bad. What she does to Warren is terrifying. I remember when I first saw it I was shocked.. just for the fact that Willow would do that but that they would show that on TV. These last few episodes are what I have been looking forward to this entire season.. can't wait to see the final two.

Afterwards I crashed at Robert's place since we were both driving down to my Mom's for a Memorial Day BBQ.  It was a really good day.. got to spend the day with good friends (Aaron and Robert) and watched some of the best geeky movie/show around (Star Trek and Buffy).. oh and I got to drink some tasty Chocolate Wine.. it was a good day.

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