Friday, May 31, 2013

Fires and Farewells

Well the fire still burns out of control.. I think the last I head they were hoping to have 20% containment by the end of the day. Smoke isn't as bad as yesterday and the ash isn't as heavy... of course all that can change with the wind. Still no threat to my place.. so yay, but unfortunately it is threatening other homes on the other side of they hill.. I wish everyone the best.

Today my "temporary" roommates Anthony and Michele are moving out. They have been living with me for the past three months. Now I hadn't lived with roommates for over ten years.. I mean I lived with Harry but he was my partner which is completely different then roommates. And I haven't lived with him in over 2 years.. so it's took some adjusting to
having people live in my house with me. But overall it was a
good experience and it reminded me how much fun you can have living with roommates.

Anthony and Michele are moving to Wisconsin to live with his mom while their baby is born, but before they left they had a going away party at one of Anthony's friends house in Simi Valley. It was fun hanging with a few of our mutual friends Robert, Will, Becca, and Rupert as well as meeting several of Anthony's friends. The party ended around 11pm and we said our goodbyes. I'll miss those guys they have become good friends over the past few years.  Good luck to them on their new adventure.

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