Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Buffy and Bros Continue

It's Wednesday and Robert and I continue our Buffy and Bro night.. we've seen a lot of Buffy the past week, last Wednesday, Sunday, Monday and now Wednesday again, but you can never get enough Buffy.

We started off the night with Season 7 Ep 3 "Same Time, Same Place" Willow cannot find her friends in Sunnydale, where a flayed body has been found.

This was a good episode, I really enjoyed the scene with Spike talking to Willow and then he's talking to someone invisible and then they go back and do the scene again and you realize that he's talking to Buffy and Xander. I had a hard time watching that demon eat parts of Willow's skin. I felt the pain Willow was going through. It was very well done. 

Next was Season 7 Ep 4 "Help" Cassandra "Cassie" Newton, a student at Sunnydale High School, goes to the new counselor Buffy with an alarming prediction: She is to die on Friday. Buffy scrambles to save her, but fate prevails when Cassie suffers heart failure.

I really liked this episode as well. I liked the guest star who played Cassie. Again it rarely happens on Buffy but people die of natural causes, it's not always demon related.

Then we did Season 7 Ep 5 "Selfless" Anya gets back into her old Vengeance demon ways by helping a girl get revenge on an entire fraternity by having a spider demon tear their hearts out. Willow, returning to college, discovers this and she, Buffy, and Xander fear the worst of Anya.

Another excellent episode, we get Anya back story and her present day struggle with being a vengeance demon. We see a short re-appearance of Dark Willow, and Buffy fighting Anya to the death. Again not a big fan of Xander in this episode. He was very much a dick in this one.

And finally for tonight it was Season 7 Ep 6 "Him" When Dawn, Buffy, Willow, and Anya all mysteriously fall for a handsome Sunnydale High quarterback, it's up to Xander and Spike to stop them before they do any real damage.

A funny episode to end the night one. Nothing to special, just lots of laugh out loud moments. 

Another fun filled night of awesome TV, tasty foods and the best of friends.

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