Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day BBQ & More Buffy

Stayed over at Robert's place, so we woke up, got ready for the day and headed out to breakfast at IHop . Once breakfast was over we headed to my mom's down in Newport Beach. This was going to be the first time that my buddy Robert got to meet my Mom and family.

Robert and I got there first, then my brother Michael, sister-in-law Lora, nephew Kenobi and niece Molly arrived. Then my aunt Joyce, uncle Marty and their kids Austin and Matt and finally my grandma. Also Lora's moms Vicky and Debbie joined us.

My mom lives on Balboa Island. They live on the water and have a nice deck and dock with several boats. So we hung outside on the deck and dock. Some folks went swimming in the harbor, some just hung out on the deck and talked. We snacked on smoked sausages and chips. For lunch we had BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs. My aunt Joyce made this incredible strawberry whip cream cake thing that was just the best.. plan on making it in the future.

Several family members went out on the smaller boat (Whaler). We had planned to go out on one of Chuck's sailing yachts. But as the day winded down it didn't look like that was going to happen.. so instead Robert and I took the small whaler boat out. My mom's house is about a 35 minute boat ride in the harbor until you get to the ocean. It was fun out on the water with Robert. Once we got to the ocean I wanted to take Robert to the "seal hotel" (buoy) just outside the harbor in the pacific ocean. The waves were pretty big and the whaler was being tossed all over the place. Robert was having a blast watching me panic as I was trying to keep control of the boat. Once we saw the seal hotel we headed back in. The return trip was interesting as several times I had thought I had taken the wrong path but in the end we did manage to find out way home. Now the fun began. Trying to bring the boat in between one of Chuck's sailing boats and the neighbors dock. I tried three or four times but couldn't do it. Robert was literally rolling on the floor of the boat laughing while I tried to dock the boat over and over again. Finally my brother came down to the dock and helped me out.

We hung out for another hour or so before we called it a day. We had planned to stop by Disneyland on our way home but we were tired from being out in the hot sun all day, we decided to head back to Robert's place, grab some dinner and watch some Buffy.

We ordered some Bossa Nova and had it delivered to Rob's place. We continued our Buffy Rewatch / 1st Time. First up was S6 Ep 21 "Two to Go" After flaying Warren alive, Dark Willow turns to Jonathan and Andrew—who are still in jail—while Buffy, Xander, and Anya rush to the Sunnydale police station to protect them and try to stop Willow. Dawn convinces Clem to take her to Rack's in order to find Willow. Turns out Willow is already there, has murdered Rack and absorbed his magic in order to become more powerful. After leaving Andrew and Jonathan safe at the Magic Box, Buffy finds Dawn at Rack's with Willow and a fight ensues. Magically, the fight ends up at the Magic Box. Giles appears, to stop Dark Willow.

As I mentioned in my last blog post about Buffy... these final four episodes are some of my favorite Buffy of all time. So I enjoyed this episode alot. Again it's so much fun watching this with Robert who's never seen any of them as he's having the same reactions that I had when I first saw them. When Giles showed up at the very end Robert almost did an air fist pump.. Giles is one of his favorites and it was so EPIC when he shows up and knocks Dark Willow back.

Then the final episode of Season 6 Ep 22 "Grave" Dark Willow defeats Giles and decides to end her suffering and the world's by bringing on an apocalypse.

Not the most amazing finale but a good ending to the whole Dark Willow storyline. Though I'm not a big Xander fan it was cool that he was the one who stopped the end of the world. Buffy had no real part in stopping it.

We then started the final season of Buffy.. Season Seven Ep 1 "Lessons" Dawn finds vengeful spirits in the new Sunnydale High School. Giles helps with Willow's rehabilitation in England. Love crazy Spike...

Not a bad start the final season. I love that they are back at Sunnydale High School and that Buffy is working there now. I'm glad Dawn is now part of the Scoobie gang and learning to fight like her sister.

And the final episode of the night S7 Ep2 "Beneath You" The Scoobies find that Anya has cursed the ex-boyfriend of a woman who wished he was a worm. Buffy learns that Spike has gotten his soul back.

Wasn't a big fan of the main storyline with Anya and the worm creature... but I did like the entire Spike crazy storyline and "something" taking the forms of past enemies and even the Slayer herself.

Got to spend a day and a half with my best friend and it was awesome. Said our good nights and I headed home... it was a very fun day. Robert got along with my family and they loved him.. which of course I knew they would.

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