Thursday, May 30, 2013


Living just outside Los Angeles in a very rural area has it's pluses and it's minuses.. a big minus are wild fires. There are a good handful of wildfires every year here in SoCal, some have gotten close to my property but I've been very fortunate that they normally are burning in the opposite direction.

We had several fires the past few weeks but again at the closest they have been more then 30 miles away... well that was until today. Around 3:30 I noticed some smoke just over the hill behind my house. It got darker and darker as the day
went on. The fire (they are calling the Powerhouse fire) was spreading quickly. The fire was about four or five miles from my house (but there was a large valley between my place and the fire) so I was feeling okay. Winds were blowing in the opposite direction and the fire was burning away from my place.

But as the winds would change smoke and ash would engulf my house and blot out the sun. Everything looked kind of brownish. By the end of the day they had no containment but luckily it shifted directions again and was heading north of my place. As of right now I think my property is safe. The fire would have to make some drastic changes to threaten my place. I'll keep you all posted on it's progress.

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