Friday, September 13, 2013

"Get Fit" Week 6

So the struggle continues, it's now my sixth week and I feel like I haven't accomplish anything. I think with the breaking of my elliptical it put me back to square one. I was determined to get in several good cardio workouts everyday and I was doing it.. I lost like 7 pounds in the first week alone, but after it broke I have struggled to not gain weight. I've tried various other "cardio" workouts but I don't stick with them as they hurt my knees and ankles. With the elliptical it was all low impact on my joints so I could do it for longer periods of time with no issues. Even though I can't afford it I'm thinking of buying a new elliptical that way I can get back on track to losing this weight.

Of course I know that working out is only part of the equation, eating right is the other part. And I'm doing better. I'm slowly... very slowly changing my eating habits. I knew it wasn't going to be over night. I knew it would take me months and months to change. This isn't some short term thing it's a life changing event and it's going to take time. 

I wasn't able to lose last weeks gain of two pounds but I did manage to lose one of them, I'm currently at 204 lbs

It's a struggle everyday and I want to thank all those who encourage me, with your guys support I'm sure I can lose these unwanted pounds and keep them off.

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