Sunday, May 25, 2014

X-Men Again, Fox Lot and IKEA

Today Chris and I went to see X-Men Days of Future Past again. Producer's Guild of America was having a screening on the Fox lot and since Chris had never been on the Fox lot I figured it would be fun to not only see the movie again but to show him around the lot.

We got to the screening an hour early and luckily we did as the line just grew after that. We got into the theater and found some good seats. Saw a few friends there but was surprised when Kim Evey and Greg Benson came walking in. They actually sat next to Chris and I so we got to catch up a bit.

Please read my previous blog post HERE for my review of X-Men Days of Future Past. All I will say here, upon watching this movie for a second time I didn't think I could love it any more then I ready did but I was wrong. It was so much fun watching it a second time and this time I knew what was going to happen to I got excited for certain scenes and was able to see things I missed the first time I viewed the film. I know for a fact that I'll be seeing this movie at least a third and maybe fourth time before it leaves theaters.

Come to find out that they had actual props in the lobby area of the theater but it was so crowded that I could only see bits and pieces as we made our way out of the building.

Chris and I made our way through the studios to the "backlot" this is my favorite area as it looks like a New York street. They film alot of the out door scenes for How I Met Your Mother there which is one of Chris' favorite series. We continued to walk around and check out the different murals but I knew one that Chris would want to get a picture in front of, it's the one mural that greets you as you drive into the main studio entrance.. Star Wars.

After taking pictures we made our way back to the car and down the block to grab lunch at Islands.

We played a bit of Lord of the Rings Online later in the day before heading to IKEA. Chris had never been to an IKEA or eaten their meatballs.. so we had some for dinner. Happy to report that he enjoyed them. We walked around the maze that is IKEA. Chris wanted to get me some book shelves (apartment warming gift) so we looked at various ones until I found one that I liked. As we went down stairs to the warehouse section of the store we found out that they were out of the book shelf that I wanted but did have a smaller version and if  you put two of them together they made the full size one. The cost of the two totaled the cost of the one so we picked up two of the smaller book shelves. We managed to get them into my little Fiesta and made our way home. Since Chris' wrist is broken and I don't really have room in my place at the moment we just left them down in the carport with all my empty plastic bins. I hope to have them built and up in the apartment in the next week or so.

After we got home our friend Dallas came over to watch Avengers and drink a few beers with us. We call it a night around midnight.

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