Friday, November 14, 2014

No Hobbit Marathon For Me

So Hobbit tickets went on sale today and I was so pumped to pick up tickets to the IMAX Marathon of the first two Hobbit movies and then the premiere of the third Hobbit movie. I was ready to pounce on my computer at 9am when tickets went on sale. Days prior to this I tried to find someone to go with me and had no takers but I was determined to go even if it was solo. The main reason no one could go with me was because it's on a Monday, and at this moment I do not have a job after next week. So it would be okay for me to sit in a theater for 10 hours.

When 9am hit I jumped online and center seats were already selling out. I was going to buy two and try and find someone to go with me as it's still a few weeks away. But the prices for the tickets are $40 x2 = $80 and it got me thinking that I'm so far in debt and my job ending that I can't justify spending that kind of money on a movie.. even for a series that I love. Also if I do find a job I don't want to have to say I can't work that Monday because of this marathon. So I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't attend this marathon. I'm bummed as I have done the other marathons for LOTR and when the first Hobbit movie was released. But what can you do.

I'm holding out for a marathon of all six Peter Jackson's movies.. now that will be something amazing!!!

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