Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Screeners and Hobbit Marathon

So I got a slip from UPS last night informing me that I had a delivery. I knew that it was some screeners and I also knew that I would not be home for them to delivery it today to I contacted them and asked for them to hold it and I'll pick it up.

I was up extra early to I could still get my 30/45 walk/jog in before getting ready for work. On my way to work I made a detour to Van Nuys to the UPS customer service building. I stood in line for about 20 minutes before finally getting my package. I was right it was screeners..

So screener season has officially begun... my first two screeners are from Warner Brothers, The Judge (which I have not seen yet) and The Lego Movie (which I have seen and loved). I'm super excited to see what I get this season. On average I should get about 30 screeners so this is just the beginning.

I heard today that IMAX theaters will be doing a Hobbit marathon before the release of the third and final movie, The Battle of the Five Armies. They are holding it on Monday Dec. 15th, which is a few days before the actual release. Luckily for me it's playing at the Universal City Walk IMAX. Tickets aren't on sale until Thursday but I plan on doing this.

The first Hobbit movie starts at 12:30 and the second will be around 3:30 and then the premiere of the third and final movie around 7pm. I did the same with Lord of the Rings when the third and final film came out for that. So it's kind of a tradition for me and for all I know this will be the last time I can do this for a Middle Earth movie. I'm still hoping for someone to join me but if not then I'll enjoy it solo. I'm still debating on dressing up in my Hobbit outfit or not.  Either way it's going to be a blast!!!!

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