Saturday, November 15, 2014

Podcasts & Pathfinder (Final Battle)

Well today I'm suppose to release a new episode of my MASH 4077 podcast but I haven't even had time to edit it yet. So I spent the first four hours or so of today editing like crazy. I did mange to finish, upload and post it by noon. So Episode 91 of MASH 4077 podcast has been released. You can download or take a listen to it HERE.

The bulk of my day was taken up by our final D&D/Pathfinder session for the year. This was the conclusion of this current adventure. Most of us arrived around 2:30 as the session was to start at 3, but we got word that Will wasn't going to be there until 3:30 and then we had to wait for our Queen to arrive which wasn't until around 4:30 so there was a bit of a delay to start.

Once we started it was non-stop action. We broke out of the dungeons and made our way to the docks to rescue the Queen (who we thought was kidnapped). All of our magical items were stolen so it handicapped alot of us. It was a long and tough battle for over 9 hours. Will's character Giddeon died early on with several others getting close. Giddeon was resurrected about 2/3'ds through the game but many people were either unconscious or drowning for many hours of game play. At the end we did manage to win and I'm happy to saw that my little Halfing Mage did a pretty good job at holding his own. It was a great way to end this quest. We now take off the month of December and start our fifth adventure mid January.

I have been debating on taking off an adventure or so as these session take up some very valuable weekend time (twice a month). But when I think of not playing my little Halfling Mage it makes me sad.. so for now I'll continue to play Mr. Dashel Greenbottle.

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