Sunday, November 9, 2014

Podcasts & Pathfinder

Today I finished up my Alien Nation podcast that will be released tomorrow. And I got started on my next MASH 4077 podcast which is due to be released on Nov. 15th. I still have a few days but with my work schedule and being so tired after work it's tough to get in the edit time. I manged to get about 50% of the podcast edited. Since it's due next Saturday I'll have to force myself to work on it during the week after work sometime.

The bulk of my day was taken up by D&D/Pathfinder. This is our second to last session before this adventure is over, but with that said this session takes place before the session we did a few weeks ago (the LARPing Masqurade Murder Mystery Party), which actually takes place a few months before the trial we've been on for this adventure.. it's all kinds of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey kind of stuff.

So we start off this adventure with the Queen ill and only the tears of some sort of toad creatures could help her. So we head out to find these creatures. First we had to travel across this fast moving river. There was a rope ferry with an old man working it. He said it would take 3 crossing to get all of us and our horses/ponies across.. there was a big a shenanigans but we did manage to get everyone over safely.

We made our way into the bog and heard a young girl scream, the party went to help and ran into lizard type creatures. They were more formidable then we expected and it took longer then we planned but we did manage to defeat them.

We found out that this girl's sister had been taken by these toad like creatures that we were in search of but she was no help in finding them. Luckily we have some good trackers on our team and they found what looked like frog like foot prints. The tracks lead us to these tree frog creatures, these were not the toad like creatures we were looking for. Some of the members of our party wanted to attack them, some wanted to leave them be as there were women and children present and we don't attack things just for the fun of it.

Our Gnome Phlig was able to talk to a boulder and he lead us in the right direction. As night fell we made it to a large open swampy area. Towards the back stood a tent and three old croons were standing in front of the entrance. There was no sign of the toad creatures but there were these large ponds in the clearing and we just knew they were going to spring out.. and that's what happen. As we battled the three croons they used some powerful magics on us and if they touched you they would do some serious damage.

But in the end we managed to get the tears to save the queen, finish off the croons and rescue the girls sister.. all in the days work for this gang.

This was another fun session.. not as hard as some of them in the past but defiantly not easy. As always I want to thank Dallas for putting in a ton of work on making this all happen. Just one more session to go before we call it quits for the year.

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