Thursday, December 11, 2014

Screeners, Star Wars Names and Babylon 5

I got several screeners today. First one is "Wild", I've heard Oscar buzz for Reese Witherspoon. I don't know much of the story just what I've seen in trailers. I know it's based on a true story and those are always pretty good.

The second screener is Birdman and again all I know is Michael Keaton's character use to play a popular superhero named Birdman and that's about it. Again this one is getting HUGE Oscar buzz.

Disney released the names of the main characters in the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens (aka Episode VII). They did it in a very cool way. Back in the day Star Wars movie trading cards were a big thing. So in the original Star Wars style they released trading cards with each new character.

During the evening I went over to my buddy Robert's place and we continued out Babylon 5 first time viewing. We've been doing this for over a year and unlike Buffy (the series we watched before this one) this series only has five seasons and several movies. Well we continue today with Season Five. We watched Episodes 15, 16, & 17.

First up was S5 Ep15 "Darkness Ascending" Sheridan finally discovers why Delenn had Lennier assigned to the White Star Fleet, and orders his ship to return. But Lennier takes his fighter and continues his mission, where he finally gets the information the Alliance needs. Lyta contacts G'Kar and reminds him of the offer he made to her in "The Gathering." She's willing to help the Narn in exchange for money to find a home world for telepaths. Garibaldi reunites with his ex wife, who discovers he is drinking once again.

I really enjoyed this episode, Lyta is making plans for something big. Still hating on Garibaldi I hope Sheridan finds out soon. This is a game changer.. Lennier evidence isn't going to go over well with Allie worlds. Something big is gonna happen.

Next was S5 Ep16 "And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder" The Alliance show the member worlds evidence of the Centauri actions, while Londo and Vir are in their room with copies of the evidence. Eventually they're let into the meeting, where they all see the evidence Lennier gathered. Sheridan comes up with a plan to peacefully enforce a blockade, but Garibaldi's issues jeopardize his plans. On Centauri Prime, the outbreak of war leads the Centauri ministers to demand that G'Kar, as a representative of an enemy government, be placed in prison. When Londo angrily states that "where he goes, I go" (expecting them to back off), the ministers throw Londo in prison along with G'Kar. Staring out of their prison window at night, Londo and G'Kar watch as Centauri warships patrol the skies over the now-embattled Centauri homeworld.

Continuing on the momentum of the last episode.. war is inevitable. Garibaldi is such a douchebag, I really hate what they are doing with his character. I am liking G'Kar and Londo's relationship, it's more the relationship that they had at the beginning of the series. The you know what is going to hit the fan soon.

And the final episode for the night S5 Ep17 "Movement of Fire and Shadow" Londo is released from prison and tries to gather support. Garibaldi learns of two member worlds's plans to attack Centauri Prime. He informs Sheridan, who rushes off to try and stop the attack. Delenn and Lennier head back to Minbar to convince the council to build new ships, but are attacked in hyperspace. Lyta and Franklin find out what's been controlling the Centauri attack fleet.

Again building on the episode before this one.. War is happening and Centauri is a sitting duck. We find out that it's not actually the Centauri flying their war ships and attacking others.. it's the Shadow allies behind the whole thing. And this looks like the end of Delenn and Lennier. So much awesomeness is happening no.. you can tell this series is getting to the end. Can't wait to see what's next.

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