Sunday, December 7, 2014

TV Time

Ugh!! today I feel like crap.. I did mange to drag myself out of bed and to the couch where I think I will stay my entire day and catch up on some of my TV. I started with Red Band Society, I had five episodes on my Tivo I knew if I'd watch one I'd watch them all and so I did. I'm still really enjoying this series, it's not doing well in the ratings so I don't expect it to last the season but there is still hope.

I also had a back up of Arrow episodes, again I knew if I watched one I'd want to watch them all so I had to wait until I had a chunk of time I could do this.. and now that they are doing a crossover with Flash and Arrow and I'm all caught up on The Flash I have to watch Arrow if I want to stay current on The Flash. Arrow is still a fantastic show, every episode has an OMG moment at the end. Which makes me want to watch the next one asap.

My final TV tonight was Downton Abbey. I'm watching the British schedule as season five doesn't premiere here in the US until January but I had two more episodes to watch before finishing off this season. Downton continues to impress me with all the character development with so many cast members and only lasting under an hour for each episode. Season 5 had lots of twists and turns and a ton of drama. I can't wait for the Christmas special and then season/series 6 sometime next year.

I hate being sick but it does give me the excuse to just sit around and watch TV.

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