Monday, January 11, 2016

Galavant S2 Ep 1 & 2 - My Thoughts

Tonight I watched the season two premiere of Galavant, I loved season one and was super happy when I heard they were making a season two. Like with season one each "episode" consisted of two thirty minute episode. I started with S2 Ep 1 "A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear" Galavant and Richard crash land the pirate ship and make their way on foot back to Richard's kingdom. They accidentally find themselves in The Enchanted Forest, a gay bar where the Queen (Kylie Minogue) captures Galavant and forces him to tend bar. Gareth gets no respect from Madalena but with Sid's help claims the title of king. Isabella repeatedly fails to escape from Harry and asks for help from Chef and Gwynne, and Chef agrees. Richard finds his Uncle Keith at the bar and Keith helps them to escape.

This was one of my favorite episodes so far. I loved the whole Enchanted Forest bar and it turning out to be a gay bar. I love the chemistry between Richard and Galavant, I'm so glad they paired these two up this season. I really like when songs include the entire ensemble cast like with A New Season.

Song song during this episode "A New Season" which was in the tune of the original song Galavant (which I love) so of course I really enjoyed this reprise and as I mentioned we got to see the entire cast and guest cast take part in this song. We then got one of my favorite song from both seasons "Off With His Shirt" song by the wonderfully fun Kylie Minogue. And then "A New Season (Reprise)" once again which was so much fun. 

S2 Ep 2 "World's Best Kiss" Isabella and Galavant share a memory of their kiss and begin to doubt it was very good. Galavant and Richard stop at a village where they meet a fortune teller who is able to communicate with Isabella via an amulet she wears. However, the amulet gets very bad reception, and it breaks up during a conversation leading Galavant to believe the kiss was wonderful, while Isabella believes that Galavant does not love her and she abandons her escape attempts. Chef also tells Richard that Gareth has betrayed him by becoming king. Gareth brings some of his possessions to be displayed, leading to an argument where Gareth and Madalena finally find mutual appreciation for each other. As Richard and Galavant leave the village, Richard unknowingly removes a magic sword from a tree stump. They then travel to his castle and find the entire building has gone missing.

I will admit that this episode wasn't as amazing as the first, but still alot of fun. It had some amazing bits.. I especially liked the unicorn and Richard bit.. that was hilarious. I wasn't a fan of the rift that was made between Galavant and Isabella but I understand why they did that. I liked the interaction with Gareth and Madalena, still not a fan of hers but someone has to be the "bad guy".

Song song during this episode "World's Best Kiss" this was cute, I always like the duets between Galavant and Isabella, "Let's Agree to Disagree" was okay, again not a bit fan of Madalena, and "World's Best Kiss (Reprise)". These episodes just fly buy and they are over in no time.

So happy Galavant is back, and we are getting even more episodes then last season... well two more but that is more (from 8 to 10). Can't wait for episode 3 & 4 next week. And after watching these two episodes I now want to get the season one soundtrack of Galavant.. off to Amazon!!

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