Monday, January 11, 2016

Stroke Scare

About a half hour before I went to bed I was just watching some Big Bang Theory to wind down my night when I started to smell burnt toast. My first thought was, is my oven on (which would have been strange since I didn't turn it on tonight). I got up and walked over to my kitchen and checked the stove but nothing was on. I continued to smell something burning so my second thought was.. oh no I'm having or about to have a stroke, (one of the symptoms is smelling burnt toast). I sat on the couch trying to decide if I was feeling okay or if I should be calling 911.

I remember when my dad had a stroke and he said he felt like the flu just hit him, cold sweats and nausea. I wasn't feeling sick but I did have a slight headache but I don't know if it was really a headache or my mind playing tricks on me. I sat there for another five minutes sniffing the air and as quickly as the burnt toast smell came to me.. it was gone.

I looked up symptoms of a stroke to see if I was displaying any. I think that was worse because I read up on things that can cause you to smell thing when they are not really there.. brain tumors are big on that.. so then I was thinking.. it's not a stroke.. but a brain tumor.. I was also about to go to bed but was scared to actually fall asleep and not wake up. I laid down and finally feel asleep about an hour later.

I don't think I was having a stroke, not even a minor one and I'm hoping it's not a brain tumor, but because I have been living a much healthier life style the past year, I haven't really given much thought to my previous health issues.. but I guess I really should. You really never know when something like a stroke is going to hit you. You can be perfectly healthy and WHAM.. heart attack or stroke.. I'm not a young man anymore and things are only going to get worse. This scare just furthers my interest in remaining healthy and double my efforts in eating better. I don't think I could workout any harder so I have half the battle won.. now I really need to focus on food and diet.

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