Thursday, January 14, 2016

RIP Alan Rickman, Carter Tease, Poe Comic & Shannara Ep 3

It's not the kind of news you want to wake up to but uber talented actor Alan Rickman has died. I remember hearing he was sick but didn't realize it was that bad. He was an amazing actor and everything I had read or seen about him, he seemed like an amazing human being. He's done so much over the years but I loved him in Galaxy Quest (one of his most memorable roles), Die Hard and Love Actually but I think he'll always be remembered as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies. One of the best characters you love to hate.

This quote seems appropriate today... "By Grabthar's hammer... by the Suns of Worvan... you shall be... avenged." - R.I.P Alan Rickman

On to something happier, Marvel's Agent Carter released a sneak peek at a scene in an upcoming episode. I'm really looking forward to this series return.

My gym Nerdstrong had another cool piece done on it. This time I was interviewed along with a few other members. I can't embed the video so you'll have to follow the link. The video takes a while to load but it's a great piece about our gym.. check it out HERE.

More good news today.. Mavel comic announces the release of a brand new Star Wars comic book series about one of my favorite new characters from The Force Awakens.. Poe Dameron. You can read up the details HERE. I'm not big into comic books anymore but I do pick up a few titles here and there when they peak my interest and this is definitely one of them.

For lunch today I got to see my old friend Adam. Someone who I hadn't seen in over 14 years. We worked together on The Dating Game (my very first show I worked on in TV). We reconnected a few years ago on Facebook and have talked from time to time but not until recently have we tried to meet up for lunch or something and we finally made it happen. It was nice catching up, we both have kind of kept up on each other through Facebook but it was nice just chatting and hearing how the past 14 years of our live have gone. We spent about 2 hours catching up and made plans to hang out again soon. We are also going to try and do a reunion of sorts with former Dating Game crew that we are both friends with on Facebook..

During the evening I came home and watched episode three of Shannara Chronicles. S1 Ep 3 "Fury" As the Fury is chasing Wil and Amberle, an injured Allanon rises and kills it. The trio head to the Druid Cave in order to treat Allanon. After leaving him there, Wil and Amberle head to Silver River to grab some of its mud, which has healing properties, but are ambushed by Eretria and a Rover. They are taken as hostages to the Rover camp so that Wil can teach Cephelo how to use the Elfstones. Wil is unable to do so, and Cephelo threatens to kill Eretria. Then, another Fury attacks the Rover camp but is destroyed by Wil, using the powers of the Elfstones. Allanon is cured by the magic from the Druid Cave, and rescues Wil and Amberle from the Rovers. On their way to Arborlon, they find an elf named Bandon chained and left alone and they take him with them. At Arborlon, Bandon has a vision of Amberle dying. The Elven Council is reunited to discuss the crisis of the Ellcrys and decides to let Amberle, the last of the Chosen, enter the tree and search for its seed, which must be taken to Safehold.

Another great episode, so much fun... the story continues to move forward at a brisk pace and I'm actually starting to like the rover Eretria, well like might be to strong of a word but I'm understanding why she is the way she is. I know she is a key character in this story so I hope they would turn her character around and though I'm not in love with her I see that she isn't all bad. Wil using the elfstones was amazing. Bandon is an interesting characters, seems like he has some major powers and is going to play a bigger part in this adventure. Allanon still is my favorite character and the others growing on me. I'm loving this world, it's high fantasy at it's best.

I don't know where they are taking this story but I'm along for the ride. It's only 10 episodes in this first season so we have seven more to go. I don't know if they plan to finished this storyline within those 10 episodes or hope they get pick up for a second season to continue this adventure. I know this is only a one of the many storyline over the life of this book series.. so they have plenty to pull from if they do conclude this story within the 10 episodes. It's kind of nice not knowing what's going to happen next and just letting it unfold as it go.

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