Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Powerball Mania

I usually don't play the lottery, not because I don't like it but normally I just forgot that it's even happening. Well today was an exception as the prize got up to 1.5 Billion dollars.. That's Billion with a B. I couldn't at least try and win some money. Work did a huge buy in but unfortunately I was not asked to participate (guess I'm still to new), so I my way into work today I stopped by 7-11 and picked up $10 in quick picks for tonight's Powerball drawing. What I didn't know is each ticket was $2 so I got five chances of winning the 1.5 Billion dollars. Now I know the odds are not in my favor but you can't help but dream about what you might do with that much money. My first thought is to pay off my debt and then my intimidate family's debt. I don't think I would stop working but I'd take longer vacations between jobs. I'd want to help people, I'd finally be able to buy that large house and adopt kids who are about to age out of the foster system, just so they will always have a place to call home, (been a dream of mine for many many years). I have heard horror stories of lottery winners who are broke and in debt up to their eyeballs only a few years after winning but I don't think that would happen to me. I'd appreciate the money and not let it overtake my life (at least I would hope so). Anyways it's fun dreaming.. wish me luck.

Edit... So the number were drawn and I didn't win. It was a fun day dreaming of what could have been. Maybe I'll play once a week just so I can dream a little each time.. you can't win if you don't play.

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