Monday, May 16, 2016

Geek Rage

In the past when being a geek wasn't so popular I can't remember to much geek rage towards Scifi, Fantasy, Comic TV and movies, but nowadays it seems like geeks are bullies, mean spirited, vindictive and cruel. I know it's only a few but those few are so loud that they are giving all of us geeks/nerds a bad name. I'm tired of hearing people complain about everything, or say how something has ruined their childhood. I came across this article and it really hit home for me.

The titles is "If nerds won the war for pop culture, why are they so angry all the time?" You can read the article HERE
I was the same as the kid (Scott) in this story.. I was the awkward nerd of the 70's who let my geek flag fly and was bullied/shunned relentlessly for it. It's interesting to hear the "bully/closeted nerd's" reasoning on why they bullied nerds like me. My heart breaks when I hear what he did to this poor kid as it hits close to home. But I like the overall message that he is saying and I hope we as a geek culture can get to that point before all of this is gone.

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