Sunday, June 26, 2016

Learning to Sew My Jedi Robes

Today I got to visit my friend Kimi who was teaching me how to sew, she's a big time cosplayer and an amazing sempstress. I haven't sewn since collage for a Costuming course I took. And even then there wasn't much actual sewing so this is all new to me. My friend Lauren showed me how to thread a bobble (didn't have a clue what that even was). I had purchased my own sewing machine a few months back so I grabbed it and the material for me Jedi robe and headed over to Kimi's place. Once there was set up everything and Kimi and I started to look over everything.

Of course things would have gone alot fast if Kimi would have done things but she purposely made me do it all so I would learn and I'm so grateful. She showed me how to pin the pieces of fabric together. She gave me ideas on how to keep a straight line and various other sewing tips.

I have to say I took to it pretty quickly, once you get the concept down things move right along. Now I'm not going to say I was perfect. There were many times that I have to learn how to use a thread puller and pull out thread the entire length of the robe. Or when I would finish and then look at it and realize that my thread unraveled so there was no stitches at all. I had to go back and re-pin the entire thing and start over again, but it was a fun process. I think the worse thing I did at the end of the night was cut the robe. I went to cut a stray thread and didn't realize that there was folded fabric between the scissors and snip.. a hole in my robe right by the neckline. Of course Kimi was prepared and quickly pulled out her fabric glow and repaired it.. but that pretty much ended my night of sewing. I managed to get the two back pieces and hood connected. I think I have a few more days before this piece is done.. but I have to say for my very first sewing job it's going pretty well.. Thanks Kimi.

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