Saturday, July 2, 2016

Leather Shopping for my Jedi Cosplay

Today I went leather shopping, I need to find a small amount of leather for my Lekku headband. First place I stopped by was JoAnn's fabrics. I found a few pieces of faux leather but I didn't like the plasticy look they had. So I decided to go to a leather shop in North Hollywood called Tandy's Leather. There were no prices on things so that should have been my first sign. I checked out the various hides they had and they had a ton. Both sales people were busy with other customers so I just perused around and grabbed a few pieces that I really liked. One was more of a brown suede while the other was more of your typical brown leather. I asked the prices and she said $99 for the Suede and $205 for the brown leather. I told here that I only needed a small section of each but she then informed me that they do not cut the hide.  You have to buy the entire thing. There was no way I was going to do that as the headpiece would be the most expensive part of my cosplay. So I thanked her and quickly put down the hides and made my way out of the store. That plasticy faux leather was looking better and better... not really. I decided to not buy anything today and would go out again at a later date and see if I could find something more to my liking and less expensive.

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