Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Voted & Goonies Anniversary

Today I did my civic duty and voted. I voted for Hilary as I felt she had a better chance and defeating Trump. I agree with alot of what Bernie is saying but honestly the biggest issue I have at stake for this election is civil liberties. As a gay man I can't allow a Republican to get into office because if one does lots of civil liberties that Obama has secured for the gay community will be taken away. Besides that Trump is a bigoted, misogynistic asshole who can't win. I agree with 95% of what Hillary stands for and the fact that she would be our first female president would be a plus. I really can't believe how many people are supporting Trump. Just goes to show you how much "hate" these really is in this world... it makes me sad.

On a happier note.. today marks the 31st Anniversary of one of my all time favorite movies from my teenhood, Goonies. I was 14 when this movie came out and I instantly identified with the main character of Mikey. I must have seen this movie about six or seven times in the theater (and that's quite a bit since I wasn't able to drive yet). This is one of those movies that is still enjoyable to watch today even though I've seen it over 100 times by now. It's one that all young people should watch when growing up.

At age 45 I still consider myself a Goonie.

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