Thursday, September 9, 2010

Internet Woes

One thing that has always bothered me about living in the boonies is having limited access to the internet. We currently use the only internet company out here CanyonWave because the relay dish and power source is on our property and because it uses our electricity (which we pay) they give us internet for free. Problem is the internet is a few steps above dial up. We can surf pretty good but trying to watch video like you tube you need to start the video then pause it and wait 10 minutes for it to fully load before you watch. And if the video is streaming, it has to buffer very few minutes which make it very difficult to watch anything.

We recently got a Wii and netflix as I was hoping to be about to stream movie and tv shows from netflix thur our Wii.. well that's not gonna happen as we can start to watch a movie but then 5 minutes into it you get the "retrieving" message and everything pauses for 15 minutes and then you get 5 minutes of video until you get the retrieving message again. So we can't take advantage of that option on our Wii or Blu-Ray player.

Both Harry and I work alot online and need fast internet. We tried to find a DSL provider since we do have a phone line but so far I haven't found a provider who reaches us, which I don't understand as I thought they ran the internet through the phone lines. Our other option was a Satellite which we tried for about four months but with the download/upload restrictions and fluctuating speeds it wasn't worth the $120 a month we were paying. In the end we cancelled the service and was out about $2000 dollars in fees, equipment and charges. It was a costly mistake but we were desperate to have better internet.

So we are stuck with our CaynonWave for now.. I'm always on the search for good reliable internet service. If anyone knows of anything that is fast and reliable please let me know.

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  1. The problem with DSL is that you have to be within a certain distance from the "central" office. I imagine you're likely too far out.