Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fanboy Funhouse

Today I went out to Culver City to shoot an episode of Fanboy Funhouse, hosted by Nar Williams .I'm a huge fan of Nar Williams and was very excited that I was going to be a guest on his show. How this happened; Jenni and I were talking one day while recording our podcast and I mentioned that I thought Nar was pretty cool. She then said "hmm maybe I can get Knights of the Guild on the show". I thought it was a cool idea but didn't think it would happen.. well a few days later she emailed me and said Nar said yes, he loves the idea of interviewing us as "fans" and creating this podcast about the Guild, I was so excited!!!! He asked if we could get a Guild cast member to join us, to get their reaction to having fans like use on set doing a podcast. Since the cast are our friends we figured we could get one of them to join us.

Well I get there about 20 minutes early (though my GPS took me to a Home Depot parking lot).  A few minutes later the special cast member showed up (gonna keep that a secret as long as we can) followed by Jenni. Producer Roth then came down to take us to the studio. Once there we meet everyone, it was a very small but warm group of people. They took us into make up and then we went over what we were going to talk about. We started the interview and it went great. I was extremely nervous as I work behind the camera and mic not in front of it, but I felt very comfortable while being interviewed and talked quite a bit (which was unexpected).

After the interview we did the outtro for the show and then we shot our entrance for the show. If you've never seen Fanboy Funhouse guests enter down a slide. Now when I got there Nar jokily said can't wait to see how you come down the slide as many folks have done various things and try to one up each other.. so I of course felt the pressure. So our special Guild guest did it, then Jenni and then it was my turn. I decide to do it head first on my back, so sliding backwards. They were all shocked that I was going to do it that way as I was the first and Nar said this may be the best way any guest had entered. Well I slide down the slide and landed hard on my back (kind of knocked the wind out of me) I didn't realized that the couch you fall onto was about a foot from the end of the slide, but the cameras were rolling so I quickly sat up and bounced next to Jenni with a smile on my face until they said cut...

All in all it was a FANTASTIC shoot, great crew, great host and lots of fun. Can't wait to see the edited episode. Should be out in November I think.. I of course will let you know via my twitter, facebook and this blog.

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  1. Very cool! Can't wait to see the show!
    Hope you didn't hurt yourself going down the slide.