Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's a Eureka Christmas

Was finally able to sit down and watch the Eureka Christmas episode and I LOVED IT!!!!

Eureka has been one of the very few TV series that's been consisitant with great episodes. It's in it's fourth season now and I can't think of one single episode that I wouldn't love watching again. Each season they really manage to change things up. First season was the experiement gone wrong and though they still do those episode through out the other seasons they are not the focus of the season. Each season has a very well woven storyline that goes through out the entire season. And with season four they really went all out and changed the past which altered the future.. some major things have changed now and I thought they would revert things back but with it's mid-season finale it looks like this is the new Eureka.

Now with this Christmas episode it was a stand alone episode and was so well done, it was funny, heartfelt, had some action and was just another example of how good this series is. The Eureka Christmas episode will be a new yearly viewing along with White Christmas.. it's an instant classic.  Can't wait for the second of Eureka season 4 next year.


  1. Yeah I couldn't agree more, Eureka has long been one of my favorite shows and the Christmas episode they did was incredible. Can't wait to see season 4.5 especially since we get more Wil plus Felicia and Ming-Na are guest starring in it which should be amazing. I am just hoping that the July date I've heard isn't the final date for the start of 4.5

  2. Eureka is awesome, I recently started watching Warehouse 13 as well, and I actually enjoy that even more.. so I had 2 great x-mas specials this year =) Warehouse 13's was even better imho =)