Friday, December 24, 2010

Secret Santa's & Surprise Gifts

Today was full of surprises. We had many delivers from UPS and the post office. First thing I got were some AWESOME Star Wars book from my Guild Secret Santa. The past few years Guild Bryan has put together a fun Secret Santa with the Guild community. Found out my Secret Santa was my friend Liz who I got to meet/hang out with at comic con 2010. Thanks Liz for the great books.

Second to arrive was from my buddy Bryan. He's another person who I have met through The Guild. He is actually a listener of my Knights of the Guild podcast and wrote in every month and we struck up a friendship. He knows how much I love Harry Potter and he got me these really cool Harry Potter ornaments. They are so cool that I'm going to use them year round. Thanks Bryan

Third was another surprise gift from fellow Guildie Jeff Elwell. Again we meet him at last years comic con 2009. He like Bryan was a fan of our podcast and we because friends. He gave me White Christmas 2 disc special edition DVD set. I must have mentioned that it was my favorite Christmas movie and hadn't gotten it on DVD and normally watch it on TV every year. Now I have my very own copy.. Thanks Jeff.

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