Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Learning Sign Language

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to learn American Sign Language. I've tried in the past to learn starting with the alphabet but it never stuck. Last week I took up the challenge again and downloaded a page with the alphabet on it. After some confusion for different signs for the same letter I manage to learn the entire alphabet in a few minutes. It was amazing... for the next few days I practice while driving to lunch and during my commute to and from work.. but I retained it. I know every letter and am now spelling words... of course I'm a horrible speller.. but it's a start. I'm now starting to learn more signing and it's actually sticking. Don't know why this time around it's actually staying with me but I'm extremely excited to actually be doing/learning something that I have been wanting to learn for over 30 years... yay me!!


  1. Cool beans. I remember the grocery bags when I was a child had the sign language alphabet on them. So that's where I learned it. When Linda showed up on Sesame Street, she taught signs too so I learned a few from her as well. Don't really know why it was fascinating to me but it was, and continues to be. Enjoy the learning!