Sunday, January 23, 2011

Past Few Days

Not a whole lot going on the past few days.. work week ended and things are starting to pick up so that's good. I did go out to dinner with my Padawan Troy on Friday which was great as it had been a few weeks since we hung out. I drove out to Long Beach to go to an Islands near his place. Had a horrible drive Friday with traffic and my GPS taking me in the wrong direction.. and to top it off when I finally get to Islands I check my phone and see a text from Troy saying "Were going to the Islands in Burbank.. right?? " Should have seen the look on my face.. I immediately contacted him and luckily he wasn't too are away and was able to turn around and get to me in about 15 minutes. We had a great dinner and as always a nice chat until 1:30am.

Saturday started off with me going to a secret location and watching Felicia Day's new mystery project that she's been working on. She invited me to set last week but I've been sick and Saturday was the last day. Can't say anything but I did tweet "O....M.....G!!!!!! " I'm sure I'll blog more and posts pictures when I can.

Later that day Harry and I headed over to my friends Tom's 42nd Birthday party. It was a sci fi / Hitchhiker Guild to the Galaxy themed party. Harry and I didn't dress up but we did bring out towels. Got to see lots of friends and some that we've haven't seen in a year.. so that was great. We had a really good time.

Sunday has been a catch up day.. was suppose to visit family today but Dad, Brother and Nephew have been sick and since I'm still not 100% I thought it best to postpone that visit. Instead I did things around the house. Went grocery shopping, cleaned up a bit, did the laundry.. but was a good to do just relax and enjoy the day off.

Was planning to work on the next installment of Knights of the Guild podcast but I'm not sure I'll get to that today.. but will see.. got a few hours before I head to bed.

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