Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amazing Race Season 18

After visiting with family today Harry and I came home to watch one of my all time favorite reality shows Amazing Race.. this is the 18th season and yes I have watched very season. This one is cool because they are bringing back "favorite" teams for a second chance.. the subtitle to this season is "Unfinished Business". There are so many great teams this go round it's tough to pick my favorites... but The Cowboys Jet and Cord from Season 16 are my favorite all time contestants so it was great to see them back.. but a close second are the Mother and Son team of Margie and Luck from Season 14, Luke is deaf and Margie is one of the strongest "older" contestant in the race. I also like Ronald and Christina from Season 12, Kent and Vyxsin also from  12, Zev and Justin from Season 15, Flight Time and Big Easy also from 15. Teams I don't mind Amanda and Kris from Season 14, Mel and Mike also from 14, and Gary and Mallory from Season 17. But the teams I hate and would love to see go first are Jaime and Cara & Kisha and Jen both from Season 14, Jaime and Cara are just those "rude" Americans, the stuff that come out of their mouth is just filled with hate. Kisha and Jen are mean, unlikable sisters. I think one reason I really dislike them is because how they treated Margie and Luke, not that they were always angels but I don't like the sisters at all.

The first episode was fantastic and so much more difficult. You know they are going to make this a tough season because everyone has done this before. I liked that it wasn't a pit stop when they go to Phil like normal. He just handed them their next clue.. which made sense since they did not do a Detour yet.  Only down side are that my favorite cowboys are currently in dead last and are just not on their game. Also this should have been a 2 hour premiere instead a "to be continued".

Can't wait to see where this season goes!!!

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