Monday, February 21, 2011

Cool Things on the Horizon

Today I had lunch with my buddy Ray Hill and a new friend Adam Levermore and his girlfriend Lisa. Ray had contacted me because of my request for help with my Media Nexus Network, the past year or so I've had this idea of creating a place/hub/network for geeky podcasts, blogs, webseries, audiodramas, etc.. kind of like a one stop shop to find cool and geeky online content.

Well Ray wanted to help but he also have his own idea of a project he and Adam had been talking about and wanted to get my input. I won't go into details about that project until it becomes more of a reality. Adam also had some ideas of what he wants to do in the future with new media.

Lot's of a great ideas on "possible" cool things to come... I'll keep you posted.

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