Thursday, February 24, 2011

Editing Knights of the Guild

Spent today editing up my next Knights of the Guild podcast. This is the second half of our 2nd anniversary podcast. I wasn't going to edit much but this segment has Sean Becker and alot of this was when he was watching his video and such and it's tough to hear on the audio.. so I did alot of cutting there.. Also I was bummed to find out that I have all the audio expect for one segment with the extras, Troy, Christopher and Will. The Ustream video seems to have a limit at 3 hours and stopped recording and  the audio I got from my friend Chris also has that missing audio. And the original source is in bit's and pieces and looks to be missing parts as well. So unfortunately that segment will not be part of this podcast.

I'm very happy with the edit down.. all I have to do is record a new opening and give some notes then cut it all together and it will be good go.  This episode normally comes out on the 29th of the month.. but since it's February only had 28 days this year it will be out on the 28th.

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