Sunday, February 20, 2011

Visiting Family

Today I got up early and finished up my MASH 4077 Podcast promo. I think it turned out pretty good. I emailed it off to about 10 of my podcast contacts hoping they will play it on their podcast and get the word out about my new podcast.

After that Harry and I headed over to my Dads, Brothers, Sis-in-law and nephew. We had lunch with my Dad at our favorite Chinese restaurant and then we had planned to go to the movies to see "I Am Number Four" but my dad still wasn't feeling 100% so instead we went back home and my Mom was visiting as well so we hung out with everyone. It was nice to have my entire family under one roof. I also watch about 80% of a movie that I had never seen before but plan to buy now, so I can watch it all... A League of Their Own. I had heard that it was great and it has some great cast members and I honestly can't tell you why I never watched it.. but it was so good.. funny, sweet, lots of heard and an over all fun movie.

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