Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Healthier Me - Day 192

Well I'm finally feeling about 95% well.. so I think it's time to start working out again. Will have to do it after work tonight and see how that goes.

I weighted myself yesterday like I do every Monday morning 211

Yep.. gained more weight and I'm extremely disgusted with myself. It took me three months to lose 12 pounds and only five weeks to gain 8 pounds back. I tell myself do let it get me down or frustrate me and to get back on that horse and start again but all I think about are the three months of hard work to lose that weight gone.. just like that. I feel like I'm starting all over again :(

But I can't get discourage by this.. I'm a positive guy and have to remain that way. I'm hoping this is the eye opener that it will take to for me to start eating healthier so my workout have more of an effect on me.

Man this is a struggle!!!!


  1. well eating good will make you feel good yes it can be hard to loose weight but when you do i am sure you will feel good about your self and be happy that you did it be positive and always thing that you can as long as that is what you really want if any thing use the force and let the force flow threw you and as yoda would tell you do or do not there is no try for he was wise
    thoughts might be fruit when ever hungry for some thing sweet for i love fruit my self just a thought
    bryan hyland

  2. You're not starting all over again, you have more muscle now and you're in better shape. So it's not like you have to spend 3 months to get to where you were 5 weeks ago.

    Just get back in there NOW, don't postpone it, don't wait until tomorrow. If you don't Voldemort kills a kitten!

  3. Don't beat yourself up, Kenny. You were sick, and now that you're not, it should be easier to get back to your routine.

    Like any goal worth having, it takes time and hard work. Keep at it!