Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Doctor Visit

So after seven weeks of being sick and feeling okay and being sick and feeling okay and being sick I broken down and went to the doctors because what I have is not getting better on it's own. So I explained to the doctor what has been happening the last seven weeks. He said he's give me some antibiotics to help, but if it's the common cold they won't help (but he said the common cold normally doesn't last seven weeks), he also said it's a virus the meds won't help but if it's a bacteria (which also normally doesn't last seven weeks) he said the meds should help. So let's hope it's a bacteria and the meds help because I'm tired of not feeling well.

The big shocker for me was my blood pressure, which has always been above average 131 / 90 but it was getting better when I was working out.. Well today it was 161 over 125. This wasn't my normal doctor and he said if I was your doctor I'd be screaming at you know.. my current blood pressure is so server there is risk of a heart attack if it continues... talk about being scared out of my mind  But then when I told him what I have been taking for this illness (Day Quil and Mucinex D) he explained to me that though the Mucinex is helping it's whats causing my blood pressure to go up. Mucinex has Sudafed in it and Sudafed is known for increasing your blood pressure. (learn something new everyday) and of course I have been taking Mucinex the past seven weeks on and off... so I'm not taking that anymore.

He also asked if I'm under any stress.. I laughed and said.. well I started a new job on Oct and it's starting to ramp up.. I broke up with my partner of 8 years and we own a house together and I'm working on my 3 podcasts, podcast network and online radio station... so yeah I'm a bit stressed.. That along with the Sudafed is what is causing my high blood pressure..

So I'll pick up my anti biotic tonight and hopefully they will help me kick this cold/flu/illness' butt.


  1. Welcome to the "High Blood Pressure Club" !!

  2. I got your back, Kenny. :) Make sure you are taking what time you can to relax, meditate, blog- just make sure you are taking advantage of the time you DO have to relax and breathe.

    Anne :)

  3. Hope the meds help and you can start to get back to normal Kenny! Also is it bad that the first thing to cross my mind when I read the title on Twitter was Doctor Who? :P

  4. Dayquil is also a problem if you tend towards hypertension as it contains phenylephrine


    so you were getting a double whammy if you were taking both! Make sure you check the counterindications and side effects of *anything* you take!

  5. hmmm. go get a massage, that always lowers me back down.

  6. I am soooo glad you went to the doctor!