Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Star Wars Concert

Today while getting ready for work I saw a commercial for the Star Wars Concert. Last year this come to the LA area and I wasn't able to get tickets, but my brother did and told me along with a ton of other friends who saw it all over the country, how great it was. I was bummed that I missed it. But the commercial said it was coming back to the Los Angeles area and this time playing at the Hollywood Bowl in June. And that tickets were going on sale March 15th. Well that is unless you are an American Express card holder, and I just happen to be on now since I opened an account at Costco a few years back. And tickets for AE card holder were to go on sale March 2nd at 10am.. which is TODAY!!!!

So when I got to work at 10:15am I jumped online and began to purchase tickets for this event. My first choice were fairly close seats but all the way on the left side of the theater and they were $90 a piece. I then selected the $50 tickets and got seats just past the halfway point of the theater but right in the middle. I figured since you'll be watching the big screens and listening to the orchestra play that being close to the stage wouldn't matter and being the middle of it would be a better idea so I grabbed two tickets.

I'm so excited that they decided to do a return visit to LA and this time I'm going to be able to enjoy it as well.

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  1. Glad you were able to get Tickets this time Kenny. I went to a similar concert for the Final Fantasy series of games (one of my all time favorite series) in November and it was unbelievable so I hope you have an equally amazing time.