Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy Day... I Wish!!!

I was so not in the mood to do anything today. I just wanted to sit around today and catch up on some TV. And thought I did do some of that my main goal was to get Knights of the Guild Podcast episode 26 edited and complete.  I did get some much needed sleep as I slept in until 11am (9 hours) so I already felt like I lost a few hours of edit time. I got up, walked the dog and checked my emails. Harry got up around noon and we left around 1pm to go grocery shopping. Got home around 3pm, had lunch and then I went to tackle the podcast and for the next 9 hours I worked on the podcast, watched some TV when I needed a break, and had some dinner. But finally around midnight I finished the KOTG #26.

The reason I had to get it done today was the fact that it's to be released on Tuesday 3/15 and I didn't want to the last minute to do it (meaning Monday night after a long day at work). But man I was tempted to put if off until then. And to be honest once I got into it and found how smoothly everything was cutting together it made the job a bit easier. 

So both my MASH 4077 Podcast episode 4 and Knights of the Guild Podcast episode 26 are done and waiting to be published on itunes this Tuesday.  All I have to do tomorrow morning when I get up is build the blog posts and done one final pass to make sure everything is good to go..

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