Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Guild S5 Wrap Party

Tonight I got off of work around 5pm so I could make my way over to Universal City walk for The Guild's season five wrap party. This year it was being held at a fun arcade/bowling alley called Jillian's. Traffic was as I expected and it took me about an hour to get across town. Once there I paid to park, as I didn't feel like driving around trying to find a spot. The great thing was where I parked was right to Jillan's.

My plus one was my buddy Chris, who I met during season five of The Guild. He drove down from the Santa Barbara area to join in the festivities. As I was waiting outside for Chris I saw Greg Aronowitz looking down at me from a window on the second floor. He waved me up so I joined him upstairs where the party was taking place. I happen to be the first guest so I hung out in the lobby area with Greg and waited for others to arrive. Rebecca showed up second, then Brian, Kim and my buddy Chris. We all went inside and started to enjoy the party. There were chips and salsa, pizza and chicken wings to eat and all you can drink soda (diet for me), there was also alcoholic drinks which I did not partake in. I'm not a big drinker but I also never drink and drive.

About ten minutes in we all decided to get a game of bowling in before the crowds started to show up. This place was alot of fun. There were about ten lanes of bowling. And huge TV screens above the lanes where they were showing sport games and 80's music video.

So the night progressed and more and more people started showing up. My bowling team changed a bit and Adam and Scott joined Chris and I for the remainder of the night. We must have bowled about six or seven games, from 6pm to 10pm... It was tons of fun. In between turns I would head out and try and say hi to folks, take pictures and mingle a bit. At 10pm the bowling was open to the general public but we had a side room that was reserved for us and it had a Wii system projected on the wall and some mimic dancing game. So about 1/3 of the party wound up in there and various folks (including myself) had some fun dancing like crazy people.

It was a great night. I didn't get to take as many picture as I would have liked or get to visit with everyone but I did have an AWESOME time hanging with the small group in our bowling section.  And the dancing was a blast.

You can see over 100 pictures that I took of the night HERE

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