Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doctor Who Season 6 part 1

WARNING!!!! Spoilers ahead!!! Spoilers ahead!!! Do not read if you haven't seen this season.

So they decided to split the Doctor Who season into two parts, 7 episodes for the first half and 6 episodes for the second half. Which I don't mind and kind of understand why. Normally they run all 13 episodes during spring and then we have to wait until Christmas for a special and then again a few months until spring for the next season. So this way there is less waiting for new Who.. every few months we get a little Who instead.

Today I got to see the mid season finale (7th episode of the 1st half). And it was AWESOME!!! I can't say that this season has been my favorite but it has had some of the best Who episodes ever (Doctor's Wife).

This season started off with a bang..literally with the death of The Doctor and continued to have OMG moments in this and it's second episode. The third episode was more of a one off / fun episode. Then the big Neil Gaiman episode The Doctors Wife which was very emotional and so well written and acted. Next was another two parter that set up the mid season finale with an OMG moment of Amy not really being Amy this entire time but  a duplicate fleshy thing. Didn't see that coming. And of course we had the midseason finale which I really enjoyed and had a lot of big OMG moments but the biggest was the pay off at the very end when we find out who River Song is.

I actually called this at the beginning of the season and was happy to see that I was right. Amy and Rory's daughter has timelord genes because she was conceived in the TARDIS while in the time vortex, but the biggest bomb shell was that their daughters name is Melody Pond and when translated to on the planet she was raised she was called River Song!!! River is Amy and Rory's daughter.. I LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to see where the second half of this series goes.

Overall this season had some high points and some low points. The Doctor was angry alot during this season and we don't see that often. I'm sure it's leading up to something so I'll be patient but I miss the fun whimsical doctor. Also I was a HUGE fan of Amy Pond in season five but I haven't liked her much this season. But then again it wasn't the real Amy and she was pregnant so that might explain some of it. I look forward to seeing where she goes in the second half. I've always been a fan of Rory but he has really come into his own during this season.. and I like that. And of course River Song, who I loved in season four and her return in five and finally some answers in six.. great character and great actress.. looking forward to seeing where she goes next.

Season 6 part 2 starts in the fall.

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  1. This series has been a little up and down so far. However, the opening two parter and this mid season finale were outstanding!