Saturday, June 11, 2011

Power Outages and Podcasts

Well my morning didn't start off so hot. Around 5:30am the power went out and the reason I know the time is because I use a fan to help me sleep. I'm an extremely light sleeper and any noise will wake me up. Harry stays up late watching TV while I'm trying to sleep and I can hear the TV. So many years ago I started turning on a fan to drown out the noise of the TV. I know it sounds crazy to create noise to get rid of noise.. but the fan is like white noise and I found I slept better with it. So I've been using the fan for years. So when the power went out and the fan turned off I immediately woke up. Not that there was any sounds but now because of the lack of the fan I couldn't sleep. So I laid there for a few hours and finally dozed off around 7:30am but again was woken up when the power came back on and the fan started up again around 9:30am. I figured it was no use that I might as well get up and reset all the clocks and start my day.

First thing that popped into my head was that I was doing a Doctor Who podcast for the first half of season six with my friends Meds and KC for the Treks in Sci Fi podcast. Only problem was that I hadn't seen the mid season finale. It aired in the UK last weekend but because of Memorial day we in the US were pushed back a week. So I went to my DVR and noticed that it didn't record and couldn't figure out why... but I had "found" it online and had it on my computer. Now I hate watching shows on my computer but it was almost 10am and the skype chat was at noon. So I watched the episode (review to come) and then suddenly realized that it was Saturday and the episode doesn't air here until 6pm and for that matter the Doctor Who skype chat is set for Sunday at Noon.. so I'm off an entire day.
So after that crazy morning and me realizing it was Saturday I had a ton of things I had to get done this weekend, and actually Saturday since I'm extremely busy on Sunday. So around 10:30am I got started on editing my next Knights of the Guild Podcast episode 32. Got done with that around 3pm and then started on my next MASH 4077 Podcast episode 10. I had worked on this a few days ago and only had to add audio clips and do one final polish pass. Three hours later and a few technical issues this podcast was also done.

I built both show notes pages on the website and uploaded both podcasts to podbean and set them to be released at Midnight on Wednesday June 15th.

So my busy day ended around 8pm, Harry and I had dinner and watched the midseason Doctor Who finale (for me again) and called it a night.

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