Sunday, June 5, 2011


Today was pretty much devoted to my podcasts. Got up around 9 am to start to prep for my Knights of the Guild podcast recording. Jenni was coming over at 11am and we were to record our next two episodes. I got everything ready and Jenni arrived at 11am and we got started. Episode 32 had quite a bit of pre-recorded stuff that we are going to use, ie interviews, guild something and so on. So we got done recording our part in about 45 minutes. We then continued to record episode 33 which had a bit more of us so it took a bit longer to record that episode.. maybe an hour or so. Both shows were lots of fun. We tried to do more of the Kenny Jenni banter that everyone loves. Also when I go to edit I'm going to leave in more of the mistakes and fun that we have behind the scenes. Episode 32 will be out on June 15th and Episode 33 will be out on June 29th.

After we record we hung out and chatted for a few hours catching up on each other lives. When she left Harry and I went out to lunch and then grocery shopping.

When we got back I went back to podcasting and decided to start editing my next MASH 4077 Podcast episode 10.  This edit went much smoother then the last episode. All the audio was intact and laid together very nicely. I did my first pass, which is just taking out all unusable audio, like when the hosts talk to each other or I explain what section we are doing. That can take an hour or so. My second pass I clean up the audio and make sure it sounds as good as possible. This too can take an hour to complete. By this time I was tired and just wanted to go watch some TV before heading to bed. Still got two more passes to do for episode 10 but they are much easier. Pass three is where I add audio clips from the episode and pass four is where I smooth out the transitions and do my final polish pass. Both of those combined should take about an hour... but that will have to wait for a later day. I have until June 15th to get this one done.

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