Monday, June 6, 2011

My MTV Gig

Well we started back in November of 2010 but we finally finished our very first episode of the new show that I am post production supervisor on for MTV. Today we were in online and reviewed final video and final audio. There were a few tweaks but for the most part it sounded and looked great. This show is going to be pretty good.. the more I see of it the more excited I am to be part of it. Of course it's not officially done until the executive producer views it in New York and gives her final thumbs up (which should happen by weeks end). This is been a long, long process to get to this point but it finally feels like we are accomplishing something. So 1 down and 11 more episodes to go. Let's hope finishing up the rest of these episodes go as smoothly as the first.

I did manage to squeeze in some edit time during my lunch to work on the next Knights of the Guild Podcast. Got all of our intros and outros done for episode 32.

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