Sunday, June 12, 2011

Doctor Who Podcast Recording

Well after my false start yesterday thinking that it was Sunday, today at noon I jumped on skype to chat with Meds (my co-host on MASH 4077 Podcast) and KC (a member of the Treksf forums) to discuss the latest season of Doctor Who for an episode of the Treks in Sci Fi Podcast. The three of us have kind of been the resident Who fans on the forums and have done previous podcasts covering previous seasons of Who.

We had planned to have both Meds and I record the skype call with pamela and each person would individually record their own audio as back ups. First Meds couldn't get his pamela to work so we relied on mine. Which I tested and it worked fine. Then I had issues with my audacity audio levels and finally just gave up on that. We started recording and got about 15 minutes in and my skype died, which caused pamela to crash and we lost everything. We regrouped and started again and it looked like all the gremlins in the systems were gone. An hour and a fifteen minutes later we recorded a fun and entertaining podcast about season 6A of Doctor Who.

I went to stop pamela and yep.. it didn't work, nothing was recorded. So now all we have are our individual audio recordings. I told Meds to send them all to me as it's easy for me to link them all together with my Avid and then I would send him back the full audio that he could add clips and edit.

Well I got all three audio files and imported them into the system. I laid out Meds audio first and then KC's and noticed that Meds was about half as long as KC's. I then laid mine out and mine was the same length as KC's.. For some reason Meds only recorded 30 minutes of his recording.. so now panic has started to set in. It was looking like we would have to re-record the entire thing and the problem is that this episode is due to air this coming Sunday. But when I listened to KC's recording it had all of our voices on it.. not just hers like it was suppose to be. This would have been a major issue if we were trying to sync up all our individual audio but the fact that Meds only had half and we lost pamela this actually saved the entire show. Seems KC recorded everything (by accident, I assume) but that is the audio that we are going to use for our show. KC sounds the best and Meds and I sound kind of hollow.. but at least we have a full recording of the show and don't have to do it again. So what started out as a mistake turned in to a live saver.... Thanks KC


  1. Ah, the joys of podcast editing. You never know what you'll end up with. :)

  2. Oh goodness... I didn't know that's what happened. That was a complete mistake on my part, but I'm glad it worked! Now I'll have to play around with audacity for a bit and see what I did wrong/right. :P

  3. LOL, the weird thing is I found a fell version of my vocal track. Well readers i am editing the podcast as i type and i think its going to be great. thanks Kenny and KC, you both rock. :D